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Safety Focused, Big Ideas

Our journey began in 2007 with a simple idea – to simplify the complexity of safety. 

We understand the challenges facing aviation organizations: safety regulations and standards can be confusing, complex, and inconsistent. In addition, most current safety management tools are cumbersome and outdated. 

That’s why we created our software. By creating a simple, meaningful, and seamless user experience, we help organizations attain a world-class safety program.

We are excited about the future. Our journey is just beginning. We hope you will join us!

Business Classification: Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): JCAJEHMXGFN7
CAGE Code: 8JTA5
NAICS Code: 513210

Our mission is to help people learn valuable lessons before an accident occurs.

Core Human Values

Honesty - We believe in being truthful, straightforward, and candid.

Integrity - We believe in doing the right things, regardless of the situation or consequences.

Respect - We believe everyone should be treated with dignity, regardless of their gender, race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Accountability - We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and the resulting consequences.

Code of Ethics

Our vision is to create the world’s most effective safety network.

Core Business Values

Commitment - We are dedicated to our mission, our customers, our partners, and our community by providing high-quality products and services.

Critical Thinking - We seek to understand problems, not just the symptoms. To do this, we continually seek facts, challenge assumptions, and evaluate logic.

Creative Thinking - We seek unique solutions to problems by looking at problems from different angles.

Collaborative Thinking - We leverage the knowledge and experience of everyone around us. This increases our ability to solve difficult problems.

Business Values

Innovation Timeline

  • Polaris Logo

    Polaris Aero was founded.

  • FlightRisk

    FlightRisk revolutionizes risk assessments.

  • ARINC Direct

    FlightRisk integrates with ARINCDirect flight planning.

  • Vector SMS

    Vector SMS makes safety management meaningful.

  • logos

    FlightRisk integrates with FOS and PFM scheduling.

  • 2016

    Vector SMS app released for iOS and Android devices.

  • Progress Indication

    41 new and enhanced features.

  • Logos group

    VOCUS Safety Intelligence Platform launched, Pulsar Informatics’ Fatigue Meter integrated with FlightRisk, and FAA ASAP module developed for SMS.

  • logo group

    GE C-FOQA and FAA ASIAS integrated with SMS; VOCUS moved to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • logo group

    TripPlanning.biz, BART, and Airplane Manager scheduling systems integrated with FlightRisk.

  • Vocus SMS and Satcom Direct Logos

    VOCUS SMS revolutionizes safety management; SD Scheduler integrated with FlightRisk.

  • FL3XX, MyAirOps and GroundRisk logo

    FL3XX and MyAirOps scheduling systems integrated with FlightRisk. GroundRisk, the next generation MRAT, is launched!


We integrate with leading solution providers in order to create the most innovative solutions for your organization. View our partners to learn more.