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eLearning Courses

ASAP for Event Review Committee (ERC) Members eLearning Course

To help give flight departments the confidence to run an ASAP program effectively, the AvBrite team, in conjunction with Polaris Aero, has created eLearning courses about ASAP and how to "connect the dots" using Polaris Aero's VOCUS SMS ASAP module. The ASAP for ERC Members course provides future ERCs with the skills to run an ASAP program while establishing a working relationship with other members of the ERC, giving safety departments the confidence to manage their own ASAP programs.

eLearning Courses

ASAP for Personnel eLearning Course

AvBrite, in conjunction with Polaris Aero, has developed online ASAP training courses. ASAP for Personnel give the frontline workers the confidence to report and participate to get the most out of the program. This course helps ensure that all employees fully understand ASAP and their rights within the program to help facilitate greater reporting.

eLearning Courses

SMS Fundamentals: A Practical Approach to Safety

Designed for frontline employees, SMS Fundamentals guides the learner through a thoughtful and practical safety journey. Employees will learn how to become the organization's most important safety asset. The employee will learn:

  • Why frontline personnel play a vital role in the safety process 
  • What actions can be taken on a daily basis to recognize and report safety threats
  • How to participate in the organization's safety program using the VOCUS platform

This course is ideal for frontline employees, contractors, and vendors.

eLearning Courses

Advanced SMS: A Course for Safety Leaders

Designed for everyone who seeks a deeper understanding of safety management, Advanced SMS guides the learner through the safety journey from a leader’s perspective. The leader will learn:

  • Why managing safety is important not only for reducing risk, but also for improving organizational culture
  • What considerations, tools, and strategies must be used to prevent negative safety outcomes
  • How to use the VOCUS platform to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your safety program

This course is ideal for supervisors, managers, and high achievers. It is also recommended for frontline personnel in departments with advanced auditing certifications, such as IS-BAO Stage II & III, Wyvern Wingman, and ARGUS Platinum.

*SMS Fundamentals is recommended, but is not a prerequisite.

Polaris Aero Service

On-site SMS Training

Looking to kick-start your SMS? Whether it's enhanced VOCUS implementation, or managing organizational turnover, our team can provide face-to-face training to energize your SMS.

Polaris Aero Service

Custom FlightRisk Ruleset

Enhance your pre-flight risk assessments by creating custom rules in FlightRisk. Our team will help create safety advisories that can be displayed to the pilots before every flight. By digitizing your flight operations manual, you are ensuring your pilots have access to critical safety-related information when they need it.