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What is the VOCUS Platform?

VOCUS is a secure, cloud-based safety intelligence platform that unifies all Polaris Aero software applications into a seamless user experience.

VOCUS utilizes the latest technologies to streamline the input, processing, and sharing of critical safety-related information, including data from third parties.

Hosted by Microsoft Azure, the VOCUS Platform is secure, scalable, and reliable (> 99% uptime).

Polaris Aero is passionate about safety. Our software is designed to ensure your organization never forgets lessons learned. VOCUS is what safety management should be - simple, meaningful, and seamless!



Next-Generation Safety Management System

Advanced Risk Assessment System

Comprehensive SMS e-Learning

Impact To
Line Personnel
  • Easy access to all safety applications.
  • Easy to accomplish safety tasks.
  • Easy to find essential safety information.
Impact To
Safety Managers
  • Establishes a safety ecosystem for your organization.
  • Centralizes all safety communication.
  • Unifies safety insights.
Impact To
Organizational Leadership
  • Comprehensive organizational safety picture.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to world-class safety.
  • Helps ensure your organization never forgets a lesson learned.